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Baseball Junkie


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Aubrey Huff has always been controversial. Just read the flurry of 1-star reviews that came flooding in one day from people that never even read the book but were angered by some of Aubrey’s tweets. They make for entertaining reading for sure! Funnily enough, as a result of the negative feedback from those that disagreed with Aubrey’s opinions, book sales for Baseball Junkie have seriously ramped up. Some twitter trolls went as far as accusing Aubrey of being a racist, privileged white dude. But in reality, Aubrey has never had it easy. He grew up in a trailer park in a small Texas town. His dad was brutally murdered by a white guy with a gun. At age six, he was suddenly thrust into the position of being the leader of his little family. At age nine, he decided to take matters in his own hands, making a deal with his mom. If she would buy him a baseball cage, he would work tirelessly to become a professional baseball player. He worked his heart out, hitting 200, sometimes 300 balls a day in that cage, seven days a week. But that had little effect on his career in high-school Aubrey did not stop there. He fought and clawed his way into a junior college, and worked twice as hard as everyone else to earn a place in the lineup at The U. Nothing was ever handed to Aubrey on a silver platter. Yes, he finally made it to the big leagues, but even then, the demons he had to wrestle with on a daily basis crippled him After retirement, Aubrey finds himself on his knees in his bedroom closet one evening, weeping, a loaded .357 Magnum pressed against his temple, ready to end it all. So that’s the heart of this book. Aubrey buries no one but himself in Baseball Junkie. He draws an intimate portrait of life in the big leagues, and bares all, revealing the internal struggles he experienced, taking the reader inside the complex life and mind of a man as he balances victories with the crippling demons of addiction, divorce, anxiety, depression, and feelings of inferiority. It inspires the reader to seek more than what this world has to offer. To rise above mediocrity, achieving his or her true potential while staying focused on what really matters when the fame and excitement of the game fade with the sunset. Best of all, Baseball Junkie shows how we are all just human after all. Susceptible to the traps life sets out for us, and the landmines lowlife twitter trolls lay in our path.


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